Demeyere 12″ Proline Frying Pan

March 1st, 2010

Got this from Belgium recently as I mentioned in my first post about Demeyere cookware.  (A general summary of the cookware is located there.) Not as heavy as I feared… definitely easier to maneuver than the saute pan but still among the heaviest class for stainless/ply frying pans, I am sure.

Demeyere’s “Proline” 5-star frying pan matches their Atlantis line of cookware in style and materials.  I’m not sure why the fry pans have their own names.  It’s sort of confusing.  I chose a 12 inch size since I still have an old, cheaper 10 inch pan and it always seems too small to make a real meal.

The frying pan uses the clad construction similar to the conical saucepan.  A thick layer of aluminum alloy sits between pure aluminum layers, which are coated with the stainless outer and TripleInduc layers.  It’s got the same rock-solid construction as the other pieces.  I read a funny comment about this cookware online recently- that you could hit cars traveling 100 mph with it and it would probably be fine.  I believe it… this stuff is heavy duty.

So far, so good.  Heats up quickly and very evenly.  I’ve done vegetables, meat and fish with no real problems.  Well, the fish was an issue but that was my own stupidity, not the pan.

I like it a lot and it’s become a real workhorse for preparing meals.  I reach for it all the time!  I can imagine this baby lasting a lifetime.

Demeyere 12 Proline Frying Pan

Demeyere 12 Proline Frying Pan

Demeyere 12 Proline Frying Pan

Demeyere 12 Proline Frying Pan
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