Lindt Excellence “Chili”

April 5th, 2010

Lindt Excellence Chili

I picked up some of these “Lindt Excellence” chili flavor chocolate bars on sale at Wegmans.  Man, this stuff is good.  The dark chocolate is so smooth, it has no bitter taste at all.  The chili gives it an amazing and addictive quality.  I’m completely and totally in love.

Lindt Excellence Chili

Yes, it’s $2 for a chocolate bar instead of 89 cents or whatever a Hershey bar costs, but what the hell does that matter when this tastes 10 times better?  I’ve been noticing more and more lately just how bad most of the cheaply produced stuff labeled as “chocolate” really is.  I guess I blame Hershey’s.

Lindt Excellence Chili
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