New Holland Dragon’s Milk

August 14th, 2011

New Holland Dragons Milk New Holland Dragons Milk

I can see where they got the name for this beer. And, unlike dragon fruit, which I recently discovered is quite mild, this one has the punch to back up the flashy title.

A deceptively strong stout; Dragon’s Milk is not for the faint-beer-of-heart. Aged in oak barrels and given a shot of vanilla, this is a serious beer with a hearty flavor profile similar to a distilled spirit. Still, the alcohol is hidden well. Toasted chocolate, malty flavors and smoke. Not what I would call light drinking. Wow. Just wow.

I drank this with a few pieces of my favorite chocolate, Lindt dark chocolate with sea salt. I would say more, but this beer has just about done me in. Just buy it – it’s good.

Note: I am not drunk at 10 am. It was a few days ago that I tasted this and just posting now.

New Holland Dragons Milk
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