Panera’s Macaroni and Cheese

February 11th, 2010

Paneras Macaroni and Cheese

Just a quick note.  This is the best macaroni and cheese I have ever had.  I don’t even like Panera that much but this is incredible.  Lots of calories too.

I found a recipe online for “Imitation Panera Mac and Cheese” but it turned out to be nothing like the real thing.  Oh well.

Update: I have posted a recipe here that I think is close.

Paneras Macaroni and Cheese
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“Food that`s too safe, too pasteurized, too healthy - it`s bad! There should be some risk, like unpasteurized cheese. Food is about rot, and decay, and fermentation as much as it is also about freshness.”
~ Anthony Bourdain