Sourdough Slow-Grilled Cheese Sandwich

March 19th, 2010

Sourdough Slow Grilled Cheese Sandwich

I love grilled cheese sandwiches. You can’t really go wrong with two great things put together and covered in butter. It had been years since I made one of these, and then I saw this recipe in an old copy of Saveur magazine. Well, everyone’s got “their” way to make a grilled cheese – this has now become “my” way. Comte is the perfect cheese for flavor and texture in a melted sandwich like this.

Slow-Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Adapted from a recipe in Saveur magazine.

  • 2 thick slices (1/2″) fresh sourdough bread
  • 4 oz grated Comte cheese
  • Slice of white American cheese
  • 2 TB softened unsalted butter
  1. Butter both sides of each slice of bread evenly.
  2. Evenly place grated Comte cheese and a thin slice of white American cheese in between bread slices.
  3. Heat heavy skillet until hot and fry sandwich over low heat, flipping once until crispy and golden.  Use low heat and cook for a longer time so that the cheese completely melts.
  4. Slice in half with a knife.
Sourdough Slow Grilled Cheese Sandwich
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