Steel Cut Oatmeal in a Thermos

April 7th, 2010

Steel cut oats are so healthy and the texture is very nice.  Normally, it takes a long time to make steel cut oatmeal.  The oats have to be simmered for quite some time.  But there is an easier way if you want a single serving ready for you as soon as you wake up in the morning, and it requires very little effort or equipment.

Steel Cut Oatmeal in a Thermos

Steel Cut Oatmeal in a Thermos

Thermos Steel Cut Oatmeal

  • 4 Tsp steel cut oats such as McCann’s
  • 12 oz or larger thermos
  1. Boil some water (or use a handy hot water dispenser like I have and save even more time).
  2. Pour some of the very hot water into the thermos and close, shake to heat up the inside a bit.  Discard.
  3. Place 4 heaping teaspoons of steel cut oats into thermos.
  4. Fill thermos with 1 1/2 cups near-boiling water.  Go to sleep.
  5. Wake up, pour off any excess water, and enjoy!

I like to add a dash of ground cinnamon, others prefer banana, strawberries, brown sugar or honey.  Blackberries or raspberries would be wonderful too.

Just leave it in the thermos overnight.  You’ll be glad you did when you wake up.

Steel Cut Oatmeal in a Thermos

Steel Cut Oatmeal in a Thermos
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