The Counter – Reston, VA

July 15th, 2010

Went to lunch at the Counter recently in Reston.  We were offered clipboards with checkboxes and golf pencils.  The concept is that each burger is made to your order from fresh, hormone-free and natural beef (or chicken, turkey, etc)

The Counter   Reston, VA The Counter   Reston, VA

My selections: Onion bun with 1/3 lb of beef, herb goat cheese spread, grilled onions, mixed greens, roasted green chiles, and a balsamic-dijon sauce to pour all over it.

I made my burger (above) into a mess before photographing it, but it was the best burger I have ever had.  I was pleased to see it was actually pink inside.  Most American restaurants don’t have the balls to cook beef properly for fear of customer complaint.  The Counter seems confident in the quality of their beef and did not overcook any of our burgers.  The toppings were fresh, and the combination of goat cheese and the balsamic sauce was pure heaven.  Maybe I just like that combination, but man… it was good.

Also of note: the sweet potato fries – served with a slightly spicy dressing for dipping – are crispy, sweet-salty goodness.

The Counter
11922 Democracy Drive
Reston VA 20190

The Counter   Reston, VA

The Counter   Reston, VA
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